LEGGINGS? (totally off topic!!)

I have to admit I'm addicted to leggings.  I fell in LOVE with a company called "Fabulegs" a while back.  I'm a bigger girl.  I have a hard time finding pants that fit my short and thick legs but these are so comfy it's like wearing PJ's all day!  What is even better is they come in KIDS sizes too so everyone from babies to big gals can buy matching sets!

I tried the other company, but the T&C doesn't fit me (like I said I'm a big girl), and getting the leggings I wanted was like a cosmic lottery.  I like to just order what I want and get them.  What's great is every month you can order new leggings and get the ones you want.

Click here to check out what she has currently in stock.  If you are on Facebook you really want to join her group.  She has sales (3 pairs for $33!) at times and you will get to see what is going to be for sale the next month and even vote for the next prints you want!

I am all about supporting small buisnesses and this was started by a single woman who was not happy with the leggings she found.  She also supports a number of non profits and has some of the best customer service around.  Seriously, I had to share my love of these leggings.  They are pretty much all I wear anymore!  (And yes, that is a picture of my stash)... 🙂




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