UPDATEI have decided to not do revival camp or sell IF products anymore.  There will be more on this in the future but for now please know I do not represent this company in any way nor do I teach with their products anymore.




If you guys have followed me for any time, you KNOW I love doing REVIVAL CAMP!  I don’t always stick to the timeframe everyone else does it (hey we are all busy) but I do it every year.  I have ALL my files and reprint and reuse many of them every year.

This year Illustrated Faith has brought back the box format of kits and what’s inside is AWESOME!!!  They launch THIS MONDAY and you want to grab them as quickly as possible because they will sell out!!!

PLUS…. if you use the code “THANKYOU” at checkout you save 25% off during the customer appreciation sale!!!  How great is that???

EEEKK!!! The patches!  The stamp set is fantastic, and look at the goodies!  And for those of us who LOVE using TN’s for journaling there is another option with a standard sized insert to journal in as well!

So CLICK this banner and grab them!  (please use my affiliate link by clicking on my banners, it covers the cost of my website!  Trust me I don’t make a killing off this, just enough to pay some expenses…).


Join us on my page on Facebook and share what you are doing!  If you are in the Dayton Ohio or Nashville Tennessee area, please join my groups for those areas on Facebook and get to know some local ladies as well!  I can’t wait to see what everyone does with this!

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